Ground Hog Shoots

If your looking for places to shoot in PA this spring, summer and fall,The Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club will be starting their 2011 Ground Hog Shoot season on May 8th. These events will be held on the 2nd Sunday of each month lasting through October. Check out the calendar here or look under the Upcoming Events tab for more information.

Don’t let the picture at the left scare ya, they won’t be shooting at us. And by the way, we only shoot paper ground hogs. 

In general there will be 4 classes of competition: 

  • Factory
  • Varmint
  • Varmint For Score/Unlimited
  • Rimfire

These events will be shot at 100 yards.

These events are similar to the IBS style shoots with the exception of no rear rests allowed.

Course of fire will be 16 shots with no sighters allowed.

The cost for these shoots will be $5 per gun. Prizes to be announced.

We are located at:

2907 Stevenson Hill Road
Reynoldsville, PA 15851

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