Hormtown Pistol Plinker Scores

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Download (PDF, 127KB)

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Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club General Firearms Rules

Hey Everyone, Here’s something that in my opinion can’t be reviewed enough. So stop what you’re doing and take a few moments to go over this material. And by all means if you see something thats missing send me a note so I can include it to the list.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

  • Always have a thorough understanding of the firearm you are about to shoot
  • All actions to be open, with magazine removed until shooter is on the firing line
  • All juniors, age 16 yrs. and younger must be accompanied by an adult
  • Indoor range restricted to 22lr only, no exceptions
  • Never shoot above the pink line at the back stop
  • Consider all guns to be always loaded (never offer or receive a firearm without opening the action and making sure it is clear)
  • Muzzles to be pointed in a vertical direction when not on the firing line
  • While on the firing line, muzzles to be pointed downrange
  • Never point the muzzle at anything you do not want to destroy
  • Always be sure of your target and your backstop
  • Always keep finger off the trigger until your sights are on the intended target
  • All firearm maintenance or repair to be completed in a designated safe area outside of the indoor range
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Plinker League Rules 2014

Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club
Plinker League Rules


  • All shooters must follow any and all safety guidelines as provided or implied by The Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club and the NRA
  • If you are not familiar with the general rules of firearm safety, please ask a club officer, we’re happy to help
  • Juniors must be accompanied by an adult
  • Firearms must remain unloaded, without magazine, and bolt open when not in the indoor range
  • Eye and ear protection must be worn when shooting

Divisions and Cost                                                    

  • SENIOR – over 18 years of age – $20.00 per season
  • JUNIOR – 18 years old and younger – $10.00 per season.


  • 10 weeks, beginning  January 12th
  • Each week to begin on Sunday and end on Tuesday evening
  • Depending on your schedule and indoor range usage, you may shoot the next week starting on Wednesday,  Green Mountain and Tri-County shooters have priority on Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Shooters may shoot ahead for score but cannot make up for missed weeks.


  • RIFLE: 22 caliber long rifle, sporting type
  • Slings and glove permitted
  • Scope: 10 power maximum
  • NO hooks , palm rests, shooter jackets


  • Targets must be turned in no later than Wednesday at 12 pm of the week being scored
  • You may shoot ahead if needed but missed weeks cannot be made up for scoring purposes
  • Possible points per week are 200 consisting of 50 points per position (50 Prone, 50 sitting, 50 kneeling, 50 offhand)
  • Each target has 5 bulls’ eyes and 1 sighter, only one shot per bulls eye permitted, unlimited shots allowed at sighter bull.
  • Team score:  top 4 shooters per team for score.  8 total points per week (1 point for prone, 1 for sitting, 1 for kneeling, 2 for offhand and 3 for highest total score of the top 4 shooters). Winning team has the highest accumulated team points for all 10 weeks.


  • The following positions are listed in degree of difficulty starting from the easiest. Prone, Sitting, Kneeling, and Off Hand.
  • Any shooter not able to get into a position may use the next appropriate one in succession.
  • Any shooter not shooting a particular position must mark their target as such. For example if your kneeling target is shot off hand you must mark your kneeling target as off hand. If you’re not sure please ask.


  • Plinker League is by design, an informal, competitive, skill developing, and fun event. Rest assured we are doing the best we can to make this event happen, so NO WHINNING, MOANING, GROANING, GENERAL BELLY ACHING, or any other UNSAVORY FORMS OF COMPLAINING ALLOWED.
  • On a serious note, if you have any constructive suggestions, please present them in a manner in which you would wish to be enlightened.
  • Teams will be made up of shooters with descending scores from highest to lowest in an attempt to make each team equal. We understand this isn’t a perfect system and variables exist that usually make a few teams stand out from the others, but it’s the best one we have to date. Shooters will be grouped from highest to lowest by taking the average score from first two weeks.
  • Each shooter must put name, week number, team number, and “JUNIOR” if applicable on all targets in the set each week.
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Recognize Any of these Young Guys

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Hormtown Member Wins Big at Grice’s Shooters Sale

Grice’s held their annual Shootes Sale on January 27th, 28th and 29th.

We as a club have been invited to participate in this event by setting up a table and displaying really who we are and what we do as a club.

Typically we have in the past chosen not to participate basically because no one could see the benefit in doing so.

Last year we decided to attend. We had quite a few members volunteer to sit at the booth throughout the weekend. And as expected not much foot traffic came by.

We also decided to attend this year and quite honestly it was more of the same, I think we had one member come by and renew his membership and that was the extent of the Saturday morning activity.

Luckily I had a roll of raffle tickets with me and decided to see if I could walk the store and sell these tickets as a 50/50 drawing. The sales manager, Rick, gave me the ok and off I went.

Honestly my expectations weren’t that high but I figured I’ll sell what I can and it will be what it will be. At the very least I wasn’t stuck sitting in chair with nothing to do.

I met folks from all over the state as well as from different parts of the country, most of which were all more than happy to support a club they never heard of or in all reality would never even visit. In short I had a great time and met some awesome folks.

To make a long story short, the results were nothing less that awesome.

$540 worth of tickets were sold making the payout $270 with the remaining $270 going to the club.

It’s a good example of what one individual club member can accomplish with a little creativity. Imagine what we could do collectively.

The best part is one of our own club members won.


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$500 Members Only Money Raffle and 22 Ammo Giveaway

February 6th is the Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Clubs next monthly meeting and more importantly the much anticipated second annual drawing of the

$500 Members Only Money Raffle and 22 Ammo Giveaway

For those of you unfamiliar with how this works as the title says it’s a members only raffle,
however if you wish to become a member it’s not to late. You can attend the February 6th meeting, fill out an application and be voted in. The drawing will be held after any new members are accepted. New members need to be present to be voted in, a few exceptions do apply.

The cost for the money raffle tickets is $10 per ticket or 3 for $25.

The 22 ammo to be given away will be a brick of CCI Standard Velocity or equivalent. To be eligible for that you must fill out the web form in the yellow box on the right hand side of the web page to receive updates and important info about what goes on that the club.

All proceeds from this event goes towards the operating costs of the club as well as any upcoming maintenance and improvements.

Here’s what to do:

Fill out the webform to be eligible to win the 22 ammo.

Go to the club and fill out the available money raffle form and attend the February 6th meeting.

Good Luck

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Join the NRA or Renew Your Membership Through the Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club

How can you contribute monetarily to the Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club and not have it cost you anything extra?

Easy, by joining or renewing your NRA membership through the Club.

If you join or renew your membership to the NRA through our club the NRA will reimburse a portion of the amount to us.

Why is that important?

Although the Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club is a nice and fun place to come and enjoy the shooting sports it doesn’t exist without a price.

Taking into consideration electric, fuel oil, insurances, affiliations such as the NRA & CMP, gas to have the grass regularly cut, snow plowing, licenses and so on, you can see the cost to keep the doors open keeps climbing higher and higher every year.

With that being said every little bit counts in a big way and is most appreciated.

Without the enthusiasm our membership shows by participating in the different shooting events, and supporting the raffles and fund raisers, we would have been dead in the water long ago.

So a GREAT BIG THANKS to everyone.

To join or renew your NRA membership through the Club simply click the NRA tab above and follow the instructions. It’s that easy.

If you prefer to use the traditional method, the appropriate forms are available at the club or you can contact Tom Doverspike for more info.

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More Snake Pics

Here are a couple more snake pics submitted by one of the Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club members.


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Hormtown Rifle and Pistol Club Rattlesnake pics

One of Hormtown’s members got these pics on Father’s Day this year and was nice enough to share them. And no, these were not taken anywhere close to the club.

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Hormtown Rifel and Pistol Club Special Guest

At the 200 yard Bench Shoot held on 06-26-2011 one of the shooters noticed that we had a special visitor. Although we have no pics of the actual visitor what we do have pretty much tells who it was.

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